The way relationships develop is definitely a case of strange evolution. How did I go from someone you loved and took home to meet your family to someone you just sleep with on occasion? Don’t get me wrong it is flattering you still think I’m good enough for something but the fact that that’s where it stops is quite disheartening. Your lack of caring kills my heart especially when I still do so much. There used to be a point where I went through a time of wanting what I couldn’t have since our end, but after being broken up almost a year and still being in this awkward situation that just makes my heart break a little more each time it is reinforced we aren’t going to make things work  I am being pushed further and further away.

Having a sense of loyalty to someone you are no longer exclusive with after being broken up almost a year is so twisted I don’t even understand how I let myself get here.  The saddest part of all is that I am beginning to resent someone who I’d love to be friends with just to be able to even  share fantastic conversation with him.

What have I done….

I need to finish one of the last papers in my academic career and it seems like such an impossible task right now. Time to focus with some quality studying tunes: Dan Mangan and Silversun Pickups.