When is this game over?

It seems quite difficult to find someone who isn’t unfortunately involved in the childish “game” aspect of life.  I feel as though with certain relationships (friends and lovers alike) there is always some sort of an ongoing game being played out between us and unlike other relationships it requires so much more effort to be a part of. Why do we feel the need to compete and continuously plan out our next moves in respects to certain people? Maybe it is merely a result of certain personalities brought together that see this situation arise or maybe certain people actively try to be involved in the game. Either way, I think it is ridiculous and seriously annoying, it seems like such a waste of emotions.

Does being wrapped up in the game mean that the relationships are inferior to those without the constant competition? Probably. Even though I tend to feel that way in regards to the relationships full of games I wonder if it may mean that there just happens to be more invested in the other individual thus making you want to appear in the best light as possible which sees either of you need to be someone else or keep the other interested by playing games. If we legitimately like being around each other, whether it is as friends or romantically, we should do just that — be around each other — easier said than done I suppose.

The games are making me tired, they are hurting my heart and causing me unneeded grief. Why do we need to continue this vicious circle? Doesn’t honesty cure all? Keep me in the know, tell me what is up, I don’t necessarily need to like it but at least we don’t need to invest extra effort towards making it something that it is not.

I sure hope that mumbo jumbo made sense however if it didn’t I blame it on the games.

Game over. I forfeit. I’d rather enjoy the ride than worry about making the right move.

“As we expand, we melt. Our hearts open. Our thinking changes. Our obsessions subside, our addictions quietly pass away. This is the slow, elegant, loving process through which, little by little, we let go of the old and welcome the new. We open our hearts and allow in a few more people, just a few more relationship experiences, just a few more kinds of relationships. We learn there are no mistakes, and our hearts become a circle so large that there are no more boundaries, no differences, no judgments. We know the graciousness of that great undivided familiarity, in which there are no more strangers, only friends.

We stretch, and to our amazement we don’t break. Instead, we grow. Suddenly, everything becomes easier, and our hearts, which once we believed could love only one person, or were battered so badly we thought they could never love again, expand so fully that the whole world is welcome. In such a state of openness, we see that we’ve only forgotten how to be together, we faintly and beautifully remember that once we were all together. We remember the way we were in a universe of incredible softness where there were no edges, no walls, no mind games, no rules. In that incredible world, we were happy. We loved one another. It wasn’t a feeling. It was a state of being called joy.

The future of love is this all-encompassing embrace. For when we have expanded so much, we will finally arrive at a place where the heart can open its doors to everything and everyone. Our souls have been taking us on this journey and Love is the magnificent destination to which they have been leading us. Now we can feel joy. Now, at last, we can be satisfied. Now, finally, we are home. “