Oh Calgary

Are these abundant construction zones a coincidence or a greater metaphor for life just smacking me in the face? Why does everything always seem to need repair? Will there ever be a day where something can be just fine and not be in need of fixing? Is there a point in one’s life when they aren’t looking to change it and make the next day or the next time they do or say something better?

I feel as though there is this constant feeling among us, created by our society mainly, that we need to be better and that there is always room for improvement somewhere. How healthy is never being satisfied? It is exhausting always trying to keep up. I really do wish there is a way for everyone to slow down and enjoy the present a little more. I realize certain things in life require planning but why can’t we just live for the now every so often? Again I really do need to take my own advice on this one as I am always picking my brain and anticipating my future but I don’t feel as though the extent to which I do so is quite as severe as some of us do.

I also realize that not wanting to improve certain things and being content with extremely unsatisfactory inhumane conditions is equally as bad as wanting to continuously strive for perfection but why do we have to aim to be some created concept of “perfect”? Perfect is an imperfect concept, I don’t really believe it is attainable until one realizes that perfection lies within oneself and not within others’ concept of the idea. I’m probably contradicting myself pretty hard right now and babbling again but seriously,  enough with over exhaustion. Yes there will be times when you need to tweak things a bit but you don’t need to drain yourself trying to continuously attain something further when it isn’t always necessary.

Even though I am a true believer in making some crucial changes to the ways of the world to better much of the plight individuals suffer I also realize that goals like complete world peace are unattainable and thus a “perfect” world is too. Realistic changes, and I believe mainly those that involve the well being of yourself (your individual state) before trying to impose on others is crucial. How can an imperfect entity impose their idea of perfect on another entity? It seems like quite the farce to me.  One rich country’s vision of a perfect state is not going to work in every country, even though this is the truth that does not make the places it won’t work wrong, nor should they be outcast. You can definitely see the realist and conservative nature I have coming out, but think about it…