Sorry to complain about tuition and the increasingly crappy institution that is my university yet again but it is hard to not want to do anything but rant. Keeping with the tradition of price increases seen in previous semesters my first day of spring semester I was delighted with yet again more parking increases first thing. The toonie and loonie I used to be able to pair up with a couple of quaters to pay for my parking in lot 11 are now barely sufficeint and a $20 bill will no longer last me a week! $5 to park all day is super crappy when you’re used to taking the bus with the fall/winter U-pass or parking with pocket change. It might be petty  to bitch about a few extra coins to park but seriously it adds up and with all the other costs and increases we have to foot it makes a difference.

Better yet, even better than my parking woes, I had the pleasure of being placed into an overcrowded class again! Joy. My 48 person lecture got scheduled into a 25 person seminar room by that lovely registrar that is obviously excellent at what they do. It was crazy and irritating enough to have to see students sitting on the floor in one of my classes last semester due to the lack of desks/chairs but it’s even crazier to have it happen again in a completely different class and semester. I feel like I’ve been paying way too much money for really shitty standing room only concerts.  What gives? Probably doesn’t help that this class also followed the always depressing trip to the book store. Us students need a break, where the heck is all the money going? How the piss do they justify the newly approved tuition increases? We’ve always had to pay for our books sadly enough but now are we going to have to pay extra for our desks too?

Thankfully for me this is the last semester I have to experience these dreadful conditions, however due to the high costs I will acquire 30k+ in debt, yaayy for me! I feel for those of you just now entering the post secondary world, may the force (or lottery) be with you. I don’t even want to think of what it will be like when I have children, hopefully I will live in some socialist European country that pays for that kind of thing by then.