In response to too many people I know and stories I keep hearing I have been inspired, but please refrain from taking this as an insult.

Why must you all be so cynical and lack optimism?

Stop trying to relate everything that happens to you back to things that already happened. I understand that there are often times similarities and common patterns but the theory that situations can’t be unique and that you’re bound to the same cycle is bullshit.

Stop being so tragic.

I am not being mean, I am being helpful. When you think about it being jaded is not exactly overly attractive so if you are lonely and want a significant other you should probably clean up your act. Focus on the positive things in your life and own them, don’t let little habits of falling back to comfortable patterns and shitty attitudes bring you down.

As a single person myself I recognize the challenge however why do we need to pine so hard for another person to think we are complete? Why can’t we be self fulfilled? I almost tend to believe that not being completely self aware is reason for the lack this person you seek as I as a fellow human being would not be attracted to someone who wallows in self pity.

Why do you need another person to justify who you are? Oh okay you want someone to compliment you and share your life with, I get that but seriously life can also be quite enjoyable in the absence of the institute of a relationship.

Don’t worry, be happy!