I tried, but I could not manage to get through the World Cup without blogging about it.

Being a Canadian soccer is not nearly as followed as hockey is, hockey truly is like a religion here. Despite the fact that we do have  a large immigrant and to a lesser extent, non-immigrant, population who do follow soccer quite closely I still feel the appreciation of the sport is lacking in Canada. For some reason the sport has me enthralled and the international  matches even more so. Strangely enough for me, people always seem to ask for my justifications in liking no only the team I cheer for but the sport as a whole.

This my friends is why I enjoy the sport and why I favor Spain:
1. Soccer (futbol, football, etc.) is highly entertaining to watch.
2. The people who play are brilliant atheltes, running around a field non stop for 45 minutes at a time not including extra time is pretty commendable.
3. The sport brings together so many different people, like hockey people of all sorts gather together to support their favorite teams.
4.  David Villa is amazingly talented, he has great precision when  he handles the ball.
5. The team has great passing techniques which makes it even more enjoyable to watch.
6. Iker Casillas is a brilliant goal keeper, his reflexes are superb.
7. Soccer is, just as hockey is, great with beer.
8. I associate Spain and Spanish football with great memories:
– When I was in a little town in Spain called Irun in 2007 stranded at a divvy train station an old news shop man struck up a conversation with me in Spanish because he saw me wearing my Spain jersey, although I didn’t speak very good Spanish he was so proud that I was wearing the jersey he gave me pointers on how to stay warm while waiting for my train and stayed with me the whole time.
– Coming back from Granada one night arriving at the Atocha train station in Madrid we were just getting of the train around 1am and got outside (after realizing the metro lines had stopped running) to see a huge hoard of people just gathered and moving in the streets. There had been a Barcelona vs. Madrid game that night and Madrid had one so it seemed the entire city had gone to the streets to celebrate, it was a really fun moment to be a part of.
9. I feel proud when I watch them.
10. I love the country. Traveling through Spain was one of the most amazing times in my life.
11. Spain is part of my heritage.
12. The men are hot.
13. I just do.

El equipo Espana