O Canada

Due to the fact that my last post showed appreciation for another country that is not my country of birth, who also happens to be celebrating a birthday today, I figured I should probably also write something nice about Canada and show my equal appreciation. Because Canada is such a great country it won’t really be a task anyway and I do believe it is sometimes necessary to reiterate why certain things, people and places are great.

For all the times  I have said I want to leave and get out of Canada, move elsewhere and experience life I have never once meant it as an insult to my country. I am proud to be from here and I often times feel quite guilty for feeling the urge to escape. I believe my desire to see the world, experience other cultures and meet all sorts of new people however is actually a result of my nationality and I am indebted to this country for that. Living in a country so full of diversity and acceptance I have also developed such traits and I believe it is truly a wonderful thing. Heck I even majored in a form of cultural studies, would that have been so if I was from anywhere else? Who knows.

Aside from all of the great qualities Canada has, that include a vast and beautiful landscape, universal health care, fabulous hockey and Tim Hortons, one of the greatest qualities really is Canada’s ability to maintain being such an amazing place to live among the diversity in people, provinces, etc. (despite our little sister Quebec’s whining). Throughout history you see places divided by cultural and ideological differences but Canada is unique in the sense that we actually unite in light of these differences and as I have said, I am proud to be from such a wonderful place. Maybe one day Canada will make it to the World Cup and I will be able to cheer for them, but until then I will stick to supporting Canadian hockey.

Happy Birthday Canada, drink up.