One of the biggest warnings we seem to hear about seeking employment these days is how your internet activity may affect your image to employers. In all honesty, I find it rather hard to believe companies do in depth Google searches on their employees. Yes depending on the job there is probably a level of research they do on you, the internet making it easier, however I just don’t see an arm of any major corporation being hired Facebook pros who creep your profile on a regular basis. Blogs like this are probably included in the internet behavior warnings, but oh well, considering I have such a hard time finding a job in my field as it is why not write a blog about the BS I have had to experience in the process — couldn’t possibly make the hunt anymore difficult?

In prior rants about my challenges during my hunt for a career I may have touched on how difficult it was to meet the expectations one needs to meet for most of the positions: 5-10 years experience which is impossible for a new grad, 3+ languages, graduate degrees and the list goes on. What I have realized however is the most frustrating “demand” thus far from employers I have been researching does not include any of the aforementioned. What really frustrates me is after you have accepted that there is a need to seek further experience and you make the efforts to do so, ie: apply for an internship, it is still a daunting task. Since when can a new graduate who has accumulated 10s of thousands of dollars in debt during 4+ years of univeristy afford to up and leave for 6 months to live in New York and work for full time without a salary?

From all of the research I have done on employment in this “market” I have come to realize that it is not a tough crowd because of the “recession” or any of the other excuses that have been thrown around in the headlines but rather it is an ongoing problem. Even non-profit organizations who look to improve the quality of life for specific individuals are looking to attract a certain type of candidate, and from what I can tell is that they would be considered the “elite” in hierarchy of our society. Taking risks, giving chances and working to offer opportunities to someone determined and driven by your ideals are not options and never were. What the common criteria I am seeing  while hunting tells me is that employers, non-profit and and corporate alike, want people who university educated, financially stable (either from well off families or previous successful business experience) individuals who already now how to to work within the confines of the bureaucracy — in my opinion — people who they know are safe and guaranteed to follow the norm.

Although it isn’t always a bad thing to hire a sure and safe bet the extent to which these employers are recruiting and emphasizing these certain qualities tell me their motivation is beyond what we are all made to believe. In this type of “market” where does a university educated individual with a free, open mind ready to challenge norms and ask questions fit in? Smiling and nodding my way through life is not how I want to live, I don’t want to have to agree with everything that is put in front of me, I want to be a part of something bigger, be encouraged to make positive changes and evolve. Furthermore, I shouldn’t have to go seek out a flipping masters degree and 30g more in debt just to land a job that isn’t some meaningless entry level meaningless position.

What gives?

For this job “market” to see improvement and more favorable for folks like me is not economic stimulus but rather a change in mentality among employers almost everywhere. Give us a chance, we aren’t so bad.

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