August 2010

I spent my weekend on random travels around the small towns and rural area outside of Calgary and thought I would just post some photos for a change — a little visual stimulation never hurt?

Elbow Falls, Kananaskis Provincial Park, AB

Bottom of Elbow Falls

Cave by the falls

Bow River, Banff National Park, AB

Bow Falls

Banff Springs in the distance

A doe munching along the Bow riverside trail

Nice day for a drive

Love the yellow green fields and bright blue skies

The map told us this was where to find Frank Lake

Down the trail we go

Where are we?

Well that's not normal sized

This is looking less and less like a lake

Duck crossing?!

If it weren't for that beautiful blue sky...

Behold, Frank "Lake", Alberta


Yes, yes in fact there are many things in the water!

Sadly enough the city I live in douses our water in fluoride before it gets to our homes for consumption, quite disgusting if you ask me. I opt out of the fluoride treatment at the dentist, why would I want to drink it on a regular basis? I had my experiences with fluoride in the dentist’s chair and after feeling sick to my stomach every time post treatment I knew it wasn’t worth getting. Maybe there should be some sort of control on the sugared junk available for consumption in the name of cavity prevention instead? Considering that there have been, in the past, cases of “over fluoridation” where people fell gravely ill it would seem that this magical ingredient isn’t really as great as it is cracked up to be. In a country where I already pay for water treatment and the ability to have clean water why the piss should I have to pay even more for filters and things that take all the additives like fluoride out? It’s like a never ending cycle of needing to spend more and more money.

With the average cost of fluoride treatment at almost a dollar per person per year, why don’t they just take that extra $1.5 million (in Calgary’s case) and put it towards something more useful? Heck a newly planned community athletic park is only quoted to cost $160 thousand, ten of those for $1.5 million seems more useful to me than fluoride. Maybe the next year’s $1.5 million could be used to add more buses to the transit system, hire some more firefighters, or further fix the shitty roads?

If all of our water isn’t poisoned sooner or later it will eventually be undrinkable due to all the oil and other shit that has  been leaked into various bodies of water all over the globe. It’s quite upsetting to see how the greatest concerns after the latest spills seem to be the those in regards to the effects it will have on the oil industry, on oil prices and overall accountability debates. I just don’t understand how that can be more important than the physical and unrepairable damage that the spills cause and take presidence over ideas on prevention, efficient rather than temporary solutions, etc., etc. From the Gulf of Mexico, to rural China, to the Michigan river oil has been spilling and slowly putting one of the world’s most precious resources in jeopardy, and no that precious resource is not the oil that is spilling, it is our water! People are being put into a panic about oil shortages and the need for solutions to these problems but what about our basic necessities? We take advantage of the fact that water flows out of our sinks in endless droves in our western world but at the rate we are going who knows how long it will take to change that for good.

If people were moral and there was something beyond profit on the mind there would be stricter regulations towards companies in the industry. Having clean up responses already planned specifically made according to the various different types of projects before they even go ahead and establish their drills would be ideal instead of constant CNN coverage going through the entire alphabet of clean up plans. What is even more baffling to me is that despite the fact that when the final clean up occurs and the company has to publically take accountability and foot the costs of their negligence they can just turn around and up the price of their product with vague justifications while we have minimal room to contest and they make up for some of their losses at our expense.

Today’s Green Peace protest at the Calgary Tower was in my opinion very clever and an important statement to make. What never ceases to amaze me though is how fellow human beings continuously like to razz the people who protest and try to relay important messages instead of taking a moment to think about what they are trying to say. Some guy on the news called the protesters hypocrites because they drove to the protest site in a van which used the very resource they were protesting against. Who cares if they were driving a van? What they were protesting is  beyond the use of oil and driving cars run on the resource, they are challenging the corruption of the system — the relationship between the oil companies and the government. I think the statement was clever, bold and got the attention they were looking for. Good on a group of people who were safely protesting something they feel passionate for (I saw the harnesses and helmets, they weren’t being complete yahoos).


I realize I may have mumbled my way through the rant I was trying to get across but needless to say there are some important things that need to be addressed and taken more seriously at all levels of society, from you and I and our municipal governments to the head haunchos in Ottawa and beyond.

Happy Tuesday!

Living your life under some form of bullshit prophecies in the end more often than none only makes you look like nothing more than a hypocrite. I sometimes wonder how it feels to be a constant part of a mass conformity? I am not perfect but at least I can say I am not a drone. Eloquent words may be convincing but didn’t your mother ever tell you not to believe everything you hear?

An intellectual revolution should be in higher demand. Knowledge is power, with the wealth of information available to us it’s shocking how few take advantage. Open your mind, do something that scares you everyday and live life beyond the confines of someone else’s boundaries. Challenge the status quo, what is there to lose? Being honest to yourself should be the most important commitment each individual strives to maintain. Easier said than done?  Self pessimism is just what everyone against you thrives on.

Don’t let the easy routes seduce you.