Living your life under some form of bullshit prophecies in the end more often than none only makes you look like nothing more than a hypocrite. I sometimes wonder how it feels to be a constant part of a mass conformity? I am not perfect but at least I can say I am not a drone. Eloquent words may be convincing but didn’t your mother ever tell you not to believe everything you hear?

An intellectual revolution should be in higher demand. Knowledge is power, with the wealth of information available to us it’s shocking how few take advantage. Open your mind, do something that scares you everyday and live life beyond the confines of someone else’s boundaries. Challenge the status quo, what is there to lose? Being honest to yourself should be the most important commitment each individual strives to maintain. Easier said than done?  Self pessimism is just what everyone against you thrives on.

Don’t let the easy routes seduce you.