So the best month of the year is here! Who doesn’t love the colours of fall or the fact that September is just awesome?

I may be a little biased considering my birthday is in September but none the less I really do love this time of year. As a kid I was such a dork back to school was the best. Every September would bring new clothes, reunions with friends and an end to boredom — believe it or not over the summers I used to become very bored and couldn’t wait to get back into the academic groove.

This September is a surreal one for me though, the first September in 16 years that I will not be going back to school and the routine I have been accustomed to for so long is a thing of the past. So far though, this month has been shaping up to be a great one despite the fact that it is a strange time.

I had been planning a fundraiser through work for the Red Cross Pakistan flood relief efforts and it finally took place on Friday and went off with a bang. It felt so good to enjoy my days at work during the planning process because I was actually doing something in my realm of interest despite the fact that I was still just at the bank. We raised over $700 in loose change and small donations in one day and my efforts were actually recognized by the VP who came to our branch to check out the fundraiser and personally commend me. The assistant to the VP also invited me to join a charitable planning committee she heads and, as I have mentioned not fully enjoying the job I am currently in, getting this type of recognition helps and is crucial to my professional resume. I am really proud of what I have accomplished in the last little while and I am beginning to feel less disappointed with my career developments as I know that my capabilities are no longer going un-noticed. Time really is of the essence.

I’ve also been fortunate enough to spend more quality time with friends as almost everyone I know is finally done school and we are all starting to get our lives in check. Before the crappy rain on Saturday Jess and I spent a nice day hopping around Kensington, we have some really nice boutiques I never thought to explore until Saturday. Ixchel met up with us when she got off work and we checked out a really neat new pub called the Bottlehouse Beer Parlour which sort of borrows the 1410/1600 concept of different non conventional beers but this specific place specializes in Canadian beers and sustainable food selection it was really rad. I have become really interested in the 100 mile challenge type restaurants and to see it in a pub setting was neat.

The month has barely begun and I don’t want to see it end, it is only going to get better and I can’t wait! Thursday I am going to see Gaslight Anthem, on the 16th I am having a birthday dinner with my closest gal pals, the 17th I fly out at noon for LA to visit Danah and spend my birthday celebrating on the west coast and when I get home on the 30th I get to go see the Beach Boys!!

Happy September to all and happy birthday to me!