I basically spent my entire weekend at the Chinook movie theater, however I quite enjoyed my time t here despite the fact that the place was a flipping zoo. Firstly, having free passes for both movies is always a treat and makes it an inexpensive way to spend your time (and allows for more beer money). Secondly, both movies were actually two movies I had been looking forward to seeing for quite a while. I am often one of those complainer types that bitches about Hollywood movies’ regurgitated story lines and all around pointless message but I think my weekend choices were somewhat of an exception as FUBAR is by no means “main stream Hollywood” and The Social Network took an interesting more in depth look into our generations biggest craze, social networking.

In a sense, The Social Network was everything we have expected of it, the story of the creation of Facebook and the drama that followed after its success. The difference between this type of ”predictable” story line and the others in fluffy romantic comedies or something of that sort is that they laid the story out quite well and it is far more complicated than the ”previews” make it out to be. Not only was it interesting to see the development of something as familiar  yet almost mysterious to most of us as Facebook is, but it was also rather comical. There is something about a dry sarcastic sense of humour and people who actually tell the honest truth that I love, forgive me if you don’t think its cool, and it is kind of neat to see how Mark Zuckerberg’s dry, sarcastic and brutally honest personality was almost the most crucial element in the success of Facebook. In addition, there were so many realatable university experiences and other elements that made me thoroughly enjoy the movie! Justin Timberlake being lame or not, surprisingly good flick!

As for FUBAR, being a movie people talked about way back in junior high as a big joke movie and cult classic in Canada, no one I don’t think ever actually imagined there would be a sequel. In all honesty it took me a few watches to find the first movie entertaining but heck its good for a laugh or three! I was really pumped for this new movie after years of FUBAR references and drinking Pilsner with my friends, so come time for yesterday I busted out my good plaid and wife beater to watch in style. The atmosphere in the theater was great, people were all so pumped to be there and cheering the whole time (probably helps that Terry and Deaner are Calgarians) and it was pretty fun just to be there. It is kind of funny to me that the movie has become so popular but either way it was cool. The sequel wasn’t as good as the first in my opinion as the first was the one to get all the OMG shocking reactions from people it was already expected in this one and was actually toned down. For anyone who was a FUBAR fan, you must see it, but it wasn’t the best ever.