So a little over a week since my last post and I still feel great about the way things are going — thank goodness! This will be the beginning of my third week working as a public servant and it only seems to be getting more and more interesting. What I love about the fact that I am finally in a “career role” is that people actually take me seriously and are interested in my expertise and my views on the situation — I actually feel like a contributing part of a team that has results you can actually see and feel good about. Some people may tell me it sounds like brainwashing, or whatever remark they want to make due to the nature of my work, however I am so proud of myself and am enjoying things for once, how can I go wrong?

Since my last blurb I have also been kept busy with moving.  My friend and I lucked out and found a really nice condo inner city that we are super excited about. We found our place on Kijiji of all places and it is a great deal for what it offers and it really will be lovely once we are all moved in. This weekend we were bound to find a couch and spent two days looking the perfect one, who knew couch shopping could be so tedious? The typical greasy salespeople you hear about swarm the floors of furniture stores everywhere and couches are not cheap! We ended up getting our kitchen all set up with a good amount of our stuff moved in, and we did end up getting a couch picked and ordered, which is going to be great once it gets here by the end of the month. It is really crazy to think I am finally leaving the nest but I couldn’t think of anywhere more ideal than what we have arranged. It also makes my first move a lot easier the way we have been leisurely doing so, hopefully we get our beds and big furniture (minus the couch) all moved in by Saturday and are settled by Sunday and ready for a new work week!

Our lovely kitchen (before we made our additions of course)

Another view of the kitchen and our excessively high bar which is making stools hard to find

Our downstairs guest washroom (0.5 of 2.5)

Our livingroom

Master bedroom with ensuite and walk-in-closet

Big things this week; convocation and moving day! Wish me well as the beginning and end of another chapter are among me.