Although I have been done my degree since June, last Friday (November 12) was the official day of convocation. It felt so surreal to be there, and it was a really great ceremony, if I do say so  myself. My lovely mother threw a celebratory party for me afterwards and all my family and closest friends came by to join in the celebration. Times in life like these make me truly thankful for the people in my life and the opportunities I have been exposed to.

My mom has adjusted somewhat to her being an empty nester now, but I take it as a compliment that she still misses me and has talked to me everyday this week. It was the first weekend I didn’t have anything to move or planned so it was finally a blip of relaxation for me — a moment to soak up my new life and the full transition I have made into adulthood. Prior to this moment I had felt accomplished, however the actual physical move and receiving of my degree have strangely enough finally forced me feel the shift in my universe. I love being here in this moment and it feels great to be proud of what I have done, the future has never looked so welcoming, which is a nice change.

I noticed something earlier this week as well, as much as I love traveling and have a desire to visit many international friends and see the rest of the world I have yet to explore, this period of elation I have been living in hasn’t seen me overly concerned with “escaping”. By this time of any of the previous four years I would have already had my big trip of the next year planned out but I currently have things like completion of debt and career movement on the brain oddly it seems to me the true feeling of being content with where I am.

It’s time to relax and welcome the holiday season, got my Christmas lights put up today and a makeshift tree. Happy shopping and Christmas-ing?!

I did it!