Surprisingly, as per the statistics below, my blog did quite well in 2010. When I decided to start a public blog I didn’t really have any expectations but I can definitely say blogging has become something I really enjoy doing, especially when I feel like I have a lot to say. With stats to work from I now feel the urge to get more views, more comments and become a pseudo celebrity because of my blog — kidding, but more viewers and comments would actually be nice. Sometimes I get annoyed with how sporadic my topics are but I actually think it’s almost more natural that way because a mind is rarely ever in one place all the time and generally not even for a long time.

Moving along, I feel I owe it to 2010 to reminisce a little and dedicate some typing time to a year that was full of so many moments worth remembering. Structuring of the following is where I am stumped, maybe I should just stick with sporadic and unorganized?

Firstly, I can say I am thankful for the growing that 2010 made me do, the things I experienced to make me evolve into the person I am today. Obviously every year one changes to an extent always growing, learning and seeing things a tad differently but I really do feel 2010 forced all of the aforementioned on me more strongly than any other year has before. Likely, this is due to the fact that a lot of things I was once familiar with came to an end but I think part of it is also because I was more willing to see things, especially directly affecting my life,  with an open and positive mind. Graduating university and moving out of my childhood home were unarguably the most significant and life changing moments, yes because of what both moments represented in regards to the tranisition to “adulthood” and such, but also because I have known only that home and that role for the last 22 years of my life.

Perhaps directly related to those two major changes in my life, or at least anticipating them before they were fully completed, my mind was just in such a different place all year. I think it is harder to explain that I thought it would be but I have just had a different head on my shoulders, strangely enough I don’t think it has been a bad thing. I feel as though I have learned more clearly what and who are important in my life, that I need to make sure everything I am doing is going to satisfy me first and not someone else because living  with regret isn’t what anyone needs to do. I really did live by the motto do something that scares you everyday, I was bolder than I have been and I was probably the most honest. It’s really difficult to feel bad about yourself, your life or anything you have done when you know you have been completely true to yourself.

Relationships were less rocky this year, friends were at times more distant as they were also in their own transitions but our friendships were and are now far stronger.  Despite the fact that people are busy and lives are demanding there comes a time when you know what  you have and when you don’t need to question it; maybe there is something to be said about getting older and wiser. Each day this year I felt like I was doing the most learning, finding realization and clearly understanding  than I ever have.

All in all, I am more than content with the way 2010 played out. I thank all of the lovely people in my life and especially all of the people who don’t think they may have contributed to my successful year. Welcome to 2011 — don’t get lost in the past,  live in the now and don’t fear the future,  for if you are honestly being the best person you can be that is all you should need to do.