This one is going to be short and sweet because any average person would probably assume the same conclusion as me? I only hope so I suppose.

So I had made arrangements, date, time and place, to meet this particular guy via text message a few days prior. The day of I have a bit of a mishap that I end up having to deal with so I text him to tell him I won’t be available for the specific time we had agreed upon due to this unexpected situation and asked if he was available at a later time during the day. Turns out my date is not available so I leave it at that and get on dealing with the situation at hand.

Sometime that same day I get a message from him asking if tomorrow same place, same time would work. I still not being fully available never responded.

The next day comes along and I had made arrangements to go visit mom and grandma, usual things I tend to do on a Sunday. Sitting at my moms I decide to check my phone and I have a message from yesterday’s cancelled date from about a half an hour ago saying he was at the place we were “suppose to meet” waiting. I just sat there thinking to myself, what the hell? Then not 5 minutes later I get another message saying he was no longer waiting, and he was leaving — hostility noted.

I decided I would actually refrain from a response because at that point I thought to myself — a. what kind of idiot shows up for a date when the date hasn’t even confirmed they were going to be there and b. if you were waiting for a half and hour and texted me during that time, thus clearly having my phone number, why wouldn’t you just call me and see where I was?

Needless to say, from this story comes some advice to those of you who think unconfirmed plans are plans — don’t!