I was in the mood to watch some informative television tonight, probably due to a  full day at the museum setting a standard for mental stimulation today, however I didn’t find exactly what I was looking for. Often channel surfing leaves me unsatisfied and today it again left me to search the internet for something more stimulating to watch. I decided to check out the CBC’s documentary bank and came upon the one I have linked below.

You hear a lot about the big bad recession we just experienced but when it comes down to it the way people have been affected by it I believe is quite varying. What struck a chord with me when I started to watch this video was the fact that my father, like the men in the video, experienced job loss after 20+ years in his industry. He was fortunate enough to get a settlement good enough to live off of a while but, although he didn’t say it, I knew the idea of having to find a new job was frightening for him. In his mid 40s when this happened, my dad had outdated technical education from the 80s pertaining to his field of work, which is graphic design, printing process, etc.  Despite the fact that he had more than enough work experience looking for work proved challenging. As he was not as familiar with the new technologies companies were using, or even the way anyone else in the industry was doing things, my dad found himself re-enrolling in a program he took years ago to familiarize himself with the industry he thought he had known so well. Once he was finished his updating finding work took him back to fairly entry level positions in comparison to what he had been so accustomed to.

Although my father doesn’t relate to the portions of the film that talk about broken marriages or families due to the job loss, I still feel what must have been going through his head. It’s scary to think that you could be excellent at what you do, in a routine you have come to know very well over a good portion of your life and with almost a drop of a hat it’s all gone and you have to completely reshape your life. I give my dad kudos for being proactive in the situation but I also empathize with what he was likely feeling, and how lost he seemed during the first while after the lay off.

Sadly, I don’t think there is a way to properly link this video but I do encourage you to watch.