Is it natural for one to constantly feel ill from the unfavourable things happening around them, even if they aren’t directly related or even in the same area code? Is it normal for one’s mind to be forever obsessed with learning about the atrocities of the world? Despite the fact that I am a humanitarian at heart and have love for people, culture and all things unique, I also have this strong desire to keep learning about obscure and awful things, to dwell further into the plights people suffer. I find it fascinating to realize how different life is for everyone and it forces me to ponder whether or not you can truly relate to any one being and if you do how minimal the common ground really tends to be. Knowing the things that go on in my brain I can only imagine what sort of other various and random things go on in the minds of the billions of other people on this Earth.

I have been guilty, mostly in my past, of basing my happiness on other people. I used to believe I needed certain things (generally relationships) in order to be happy and lately, in addition to my increasing world sickness where I constantly feel ill learning of other people’s behaviour, I have begun to think it is time to reevaluate things. There is nothing wrong with loving the world around me, right? I take pride in knowing I am not completely ignorant to the imperfect political, economic and social situations globally. Perhaps though, not changing these sentiments, I should work towards, as mentioned in my last post —  self-fulfillment. Riding the ups and downs of the energies from everyone and everything around me is becoming tedious and although I don’t want to shut my mind off, I need to stop taking things so personally.

Wish me well — tomorrow shall be day one of Mission: Sort it Out. I really should have been a philosopher, then maybe I would know how to sort it out, then again I don’t think any of them ever had formal training either….