I saw this movie a couple of weekends ago and found it, although quite corny and  “predictable” at times, relatively well done and interesting. The story took a unique approach to looking at the questions of coincidence and things that were meant to be. It’s not often I find Hollywood flicks that leave me in a deep state of contemplation afterward.

I wanted to write a blog immediately after the movie was over. I had so many points during the film that I wanted to make reference to and ponder. Unfortunately, my mind was on such a tangent I didn’t know how to put anything I thought about into words.

The question raised in the movie is that of fate vs. chance and I think it is a significant one that people often toss back and forth. In some ways the question touches on faith, as many religious folks have some sort of belief in a “destiny” which then sees them highly reliant on “fate” to guide them through life. Generally though the question is one of choice, whether you decide to lead a pro-active  life and make good decisions for yourself to see where life will take you or you take less action and believe that there isn’t much you can do as there is a level of predetermination for the outcome of your life due to fate.

I guess instead of giving away the movie, I now ponder which method of thinking is best? Is there one that is better than the other? Is there an overlap between fate and chance? I tend to believe that in life there are things that are bound to happen when you choose a certain path but I also believe there are “chances”  that arise always allowing you to choose another path. I guess relating somewhat to the movie I believe there can be an overlap, if there is a destiny and things are bound to fate you still have some control over shaping it based on decisions made?

I would love to hear some ideas other people may have on the topic, or opinions about the movie!