Recently, to the dismay of many Canadians, we had another federal election. Due to the lack of majority government over the last decade we have had trouble getting anything done and have had to frequent the polls a tad too often.

I had high hopes for this election, mainly because I was yearning for a government that could get shit done and a cessation to the overly frequent elections. The election couldn’t have turned out much better than it did, I was really impressed with our voting population up here in Canada. For those of you who have not followed, the Conservative government won a majority, the Liberal party lost upwards of 40 seats down to 33 only, the NDP for the first time ever became the official opposition party, the Bloc Quebecois lost party status along with a whole bunch of seats and the Green party gained their first seat ever!

I would argue the results of this past election as monumental. It is evident to see that Canadians voted strategically and it was great to see the rise of federalism with the fall of the Bloc. I am glad we finally have a majority that will hopefully get a move on but have a significant enough left wing influence to balance them out a little.

With the results of our municipal election last fall as equally monumental due to a significant increase in the youth vote, and now these results, I have hope for the democratic process once again! One thing I did not enjoy about this federal election process though is the fact that people were so desperate to vote against certain parties, rather than specific candidates, that they didn’t pay much mind to the individuals they were giving seats in parliament. There are some questionable newly elected NDP representatives some of whom include a 19 year old first year university student who has never been able to vote before this election, a party hearty young bar manager in a French riding who doesn’t speak French and many other inexperienced students and new comers. Although these individuals will likely bring fresh ideas the NDP has a lot of work ahead of them if they intend on keeping the large number of seats they gained this time around.