June 2011

Lately I have been finding it really hard to get service, let alone good service. It feels as though people have an increasing sense of entitlement and things like getting paid for their services, tips, etc. are just expected, forgetting they actually have to do something for it.

For me last week was a super bad week for customer service and I really started to think about how annoying one person’s ignorance really can be. Sadly though, what is the solution? I don’t know if there is one.

First it started with the awful bank teller I had the misfortune of dealing with twice in a week, then it progressed to crappy transit services (aka lack there of) and continued on into terrible cafe workers who spoke French to each other the whole time people stood around waiting for service not realizing I speak the language and they were being incredibly rude towards everyone around them!

It is too bad that you could have great service at 9 out of 10 places you visit but that 1 that is awful will be the only one you remember. I tend to think I am a very pleasant customer to deal with I always smile, and genuinely make conversation with the person on the other side to pass the time, provided they seem interested. When I get brick wall, horrid treatment off the bat, or even none at all, I think it is absolutely unacceptable. I feel so strongly about the need for improved customer service skills I decided my pent up anger towards the lack of it last week should be shared with the higher ups of the respective companies. Needless to say it worked somewhat, and I got a free coffee and 300 airmiles as compensation; decent apology but the point is, people need to change their tudes and businesses should not take their clients for granted.


Due to some fortunate circumstances I have the opportunity to finally buy my own place. Initially I was hoping to find something by the beginning of August, giving myself 2 months to work out the logistics. First mistake — over optimistic outlook, yes there is such a thing.

Who knew buying a place was so complicated? Oh yeah, the people who went through the process that I should have better consulted with!

It hasn’t been a completely awful search, and the market is definitely in my favor I just didn’t realize how much I was going to have to take into consideration. I also didn’t realize how disheartening it could be to lose the first place I loved to a conditional sale or how disappointing not having in suite laundry could be. Furthermore, I am really bummed that I don’t love more of what I am seeing, is it normal not to feel like anything fits? How long should I be taking to make this decision? When is it okay to settle? What am I willing to compromise more on, space or location? Granite or city view?

The further into the process I go the more questions I have and I am still not sure what the outcome will be. I am starting to get anxious thinking I won’t have a place in time or that I will have to settle for a shoe box, both I am sure won’t occur but still make me worry! I am also starting to have fears that my realtor is going to be driven to drink after showing me so many places without being any closer to making a purchase!

I’d love some first time buyer tips if anyone out there has some!