Due to some fortunate circumstances I have the opportunity to finally buy my own place. Initially I was hoping to find something by the beginning of August, giving myself 2 months to work out the logistics. First mistake — over optimistic outlook, yes there is such a thing.

Who knew buying a place was so complicated? Oh yeah, the people who went through the process that I should have better consulted with!

It hasn’t been a completely awful search, and the market is definitely in my favor I just didn’t realize how much I was going to have to take into consideration. I also didn’t realize how disheartening it could be to lose the first place I loved to a conditional sale or how disappointing not having in suite laundry could be. Furthermore, I am really bummed that I don’t love more of what I am seeing, is it normal not to feel like anything fits? How long should I be taking to make this decision? When is it okay to settle? What am I willing to compromise more on, space or location? Granite or city view?

The further into the process I go the more questions I have and I am still not sure what the outcome will be. I am starting to get anxious thinking I won’t have a place in time or that I will have to settle for a shoe box, both I am sure won’t occur but still make me worry! I am also starting to have fears that my realtor is going to be driven to drink after showing me so many places without being any closer to making a purchase!

I’d love some first time buyer tips if anyone out there has some!