So I am finally all moved in… to my mom’s house.

I am quite confident that I have had the worst first time home buyer’s experience ever. I keep wondering why I don’t have a reality show yet, at least I could be making money off of my plight.

I thought I had everything sorted, after my landlord notified us he was going into foreclosure I acquired a realtor and got to looking for places to buy right away. I had my difficulties with the first realtor and rid of him. I finally found an amazing realtor and we had found what I thought was the perfect place for me. My offer was accepted after a few counters and things were moving along well. The final day of finalizing document review and financing, a grueling period might I mention, CMHC failed the building in an inspection and refused to ensure me and my mortgage. Needless to say that meant it was back to square one.

We continued our browsing and the awful prospects made the whole experience all the more depressing.

Around the same time I viewed the place that fell through I saw another unit I liked but wasn’t in love with the neighbourhood. I went for a second and third viewing of this unit over the course of a week and started to outweigh my options. I realized the neighbourhood is up and coming so it would be a wise investment and the unit was perfect. I put in an offer. Another counter offer game and I found myself the pending owner of another property.

Things were looking up with this one, even got it for less than the first, but the asshole seller’s realtor kept taking his sweet time to send documents for us to review and anxiety started to kick in. He even went as far to mock my realtor on his very public facebook page. Despite all of that the documents came and I began reviewing them. Many issues addressed throughout and no maintenance documents to follow up. We request more information and that is when things quickly went downhill. It was like pulling teeth to get any help or any information and when they finally claimed not to have service records I decided to pull the plug — like I am sure most would. The pleasant seller’s realtor decides to continue being an asshole none the less especially now that I have backed out claiming we need to “hurry” to sign the cancellation forms so he can find a “serious purchaser”.

I don’t know how much more serious you can get when you put a significant deposit down and spend days reviewing mundane and ill written documents?! Living back at home is easily the greatest motivating factor in finding a new place now, I sure hope this process is over soon.

Since no one had any tips for me in the previous post, my experiences since then have given me insight and I will give any of you first timers out there some advice instead:

1. Don’t feel guilty for reading the fine print.
2. See 10 or 10000 places, don’t settle, but don’t have impractical expectations.
3. Cosmetic issues (paint, counter tops, etc.) shouldn’t always be a deal breaker — location, layout, etc. are the more important things to worry about.
4. Look beyond the current owner’s decor.
5. Open cupboards, closets and inspect everything you can.