I have always heard throughout school and read on workplace bulletin boards “stress is bad”, “ways to eliminate stress”, etc. but never really took to thinking much more about it. I had it in my head that stress was something that happened to people who weren’t resilient and who couldn’t organize their lives properly, all until I genuinely experienced the horror of dealing with it.

I wouldn’t say my world has come crashing down on me but it has come closing in, and I am feeling a lot of pressure. I don’t know what the pressure is pushing me to do but I feel a constant discontent and level of anxiety that is hard to describe. I never wanted to believe that one’s state of mind could actually result in physical ailments until these past few  months.

I’ve had people tell me to remember I could be “starving in Africa” or “homeless on the streets” and that I should be thankful I have  silly things to stress over. I realize I am not as hard done by as many people around the world, or even down the street but there are still things in my life that are affecting me. There are many great things that I have in my life to be thankful for, core things like amazing family, friends that are beyond words, a good job and roof over my head, but other things like finding a permanent place of residence, searching a companion, career development, finances, etc. are all also huge things that I feel aren’t quite where they need to be. I am a generally calm person and I try to rationalize things to avoid feeling the way I have but I honestly believe it is inevitable to feel the strains of negativity in some form or another.

On top of the mental agony, physically, as result of this stress, I have been going through bi-weekly physio, monthly deep tissue massage and  acupuncture  to treat the tensed muscles in my neck that have killed movement and functions in my neck and hands; stomach flu like symptoms for an almost 2 weeks straight; terrible acne flares; and intense migraines.

Friends, the message here is to keep grounded, do things for yourself and do not for one minute let people tell you that you are being selfish when you need to take a time out. Your health is important and I now know how critical it is for me to take a break, slow down and decompress every once in a while.

Happy Monday WordPress.