I have had the pleasure of being in the presence of certain people lately who speak ever so “proper” and I love it! It is always such a pleasant surprise for me to encounter another person who can use eloquent words. It is also lovely when they can connect their words using some of the beauties that come from a colourful vocabulary. I would love if more people would avoid restricting themselves to using like a million and a half times or the same adjective twelve-hundred times in the same sentence. Life is just more enjoyable when you can use pretty words, or at least words with some shazam to them!

Some words I adore:

– allure, alluring, allured
– nostalgia, nostalgic
– epiphany
– euphoria, euphoric
– distraught
– endeavour
– repertoire
– cowardice
– candor
– irate
– ensue, ensuing, ensued
– deplorable

How’s that for an interesting blog? Just thought I’m remind you how much of a nerd I like to be, woot!