Forgive me if I have covered this topic before, as I have blogged quite a bit in my day I don’t tend to remember everything I write.

For me, blogging is a way to unleash emotions and almost make sense of my thoughts. It’s more or less the act of writing it down and seeing it all layed out in front of me that seems to be therapeutic, although the anticipation of waiting to see what other people will respond with is almost enticing. Having external input is either that confirmation that you can move on or that push to rework your train of thought and get on the right path. It may seem like a terrible analogy but I almost feel like blogging is comparable to sitting down and telling your mother about your day, generally you don’t do so  expecting her to just say “That’s nice!”, you seek some type of feedback.

Dependent on how much you divulge however, you can start to feel vulnerable and wonder if you handled yourself well enough in the eyes of your e-readers, or if you came across as a psychopath. As useful as it can be to vent it can also backfire, and once you’ve posted it you can’t really take it back if someone has already seen it. Yesterday’s blog, for instance, I posted a link onto my Facebook for those close to me to read if they so choose to. I figure maybe if they saw my head in writing they would understand what I have been dealing with and maybe be more understanding if I haven’t seemed quite the same. I didn’t do it to look for pity, I did it for understanding. Forget about covering my pin at the ATM, I just layed a whole lot of emotionally valuable goods out on the table for all to see.

Instantly after I realized how many more people were exposed to a direct link to one of my most vulnerable  posts yet, I started to second guess myself. I started questioning whether or not all of the people on my “friends” list were close enough “friends” to be reading this stuff, or how they would judge me. Granted I don’t have many Facebook friends, and most of them are family, I decided it wasn’t a huge deal.

Funny how I worried about how people I know versus complete strangers would react, isn’t it?

The post remains “posted” and strangely I do feel better. I still ponder where the line should be drawn though — how much is too much information for your fellow blogging community?