March 2012

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I have been in a very musical mood for the past few weeks, and I think that justifies blogging about some of the wicked awesome songs  I have been obsessing over lately. These songs literally awaken my soul….

City and Colour – Old Man
I know this is a Neil Young cover but I love both Neil and Dallas so this song just makes me feel damn good deep down where it counts.

Jack White – Love Interruption
Even though Jack White is a bit of a weirdo he seems to know what he is doing when it comes to making music. Love this short and sweet goodness.

Mumford and Sons – Awake my Soul
For those of you who haven’t heard of Mumford and Sons you probably should check them out! They have mandolins, bangos and all sorts of cool instruments on top of all the “norm”. I find this song in particular so cleverly worded and, well, beautiful.

Said the Whale – Heavy Ceiling
This song reminds me of my former favourite local band The Shagbots (RIP) so how can I not love it? It has a wicked sound that isn’t like every other song on the radio and it makes me feel like I should dance.

The Shins – Simple Song
The Shins are a solid choice for musical goodness — this song is no exception. I love how uplifting this tune is!

Arkells – Book Club
 I specifically like this song in the acoustic version because their voices are so strong, I can’t get enough of it! They sound awesome together and this song just rocks my socks, ok?