If I want to become a “serious” blogger and/or any type of legitimate writer I realized a few things I need to address –

Over usage of “roller coaster”
I really need to stop using the analogy of a “roller coaster” every time something ended up running less than smoothly and I want to describe it without just saying it was less than smooth. I don’t generally like to use clichés but apparently I do. I also realized in the past 6 months I have used “roller coaster” to explain my life in at least 3 different blog entries, lame I know.

More punctuation
I tend to write how I talk when I am fired up about something, quickly and without breaks. I re-read some of my past entries and I get overwhelmed with the length of some sentences and no punctuation in site. Oops! I really love “—” though, which is better than no punctuation, right?

Less vlogging !
My Kony 2012 period, while short lived, was a lot of video in a short amount of time. I almost hate looking at my blog and seeing excessive amounts of video and minimal text. The vlogging final results also reinforced why I love writing more. When writing I can re-write and edit as much as I like so I don’t end up with something that is just “okay” because I don’t want to re-record a whole new video to cover up the fact that I said something incorrectly, etc. If I was a videographer or an avid YouTuber I am sure I would be able to find a solution to that and edit the videos to my heart’s content, but I’m not, and I don’t.

More consistent posts ?!
Similar to when I was a student, I am a blogging slack-ass. I definitely don’t make frequent enough posts, nor does anything I write ever seem consistent. Although I have a lot to say on a regular basis I just don’t justify sitting down to put it in words as often as I should and come time when I really want to make a new blog entry I forgot why I thought whatever it was a week ago was important enough for me to consider delving on it in a blog post.

Less contradiction !!
I realize people can contradict themselves from time to time, but I hate doing it! I find it hard for myself because as much as I am a conservative minded person politically I also have a little hippie socialist weirdo in me too. I find these realms of my inner self often clash and I can only imagine what that appears like to an outside party. I also go a personal Twitter account, much to my own chagrin.

Stay tuned for the results and get ready to be amazed?! ha ha