I am a sucker for a bearded man singing a good tune full of humility. I thought I would share these lovely melodies with anyone else who may feel the same because I can’t seem to get them out of my brain!

Manchester Orchestra – Simple Math
Love this band, and this song is amazing. I think the video sort of makes it all better because it is quite clever, despite the fact that I don’t generally pay attention to music videos.

Right Away, Great Captain – I’m Not Ready to Forgive You
This is the solo project of Andy Hull from Manchester Orchestra  that I fortunately just stumbled upon. I love his voice and there is even more sincerity and emotion throughout all his solo material, I love it! Simple and beautiful.

Dan Mangan – Post War Blues
A lot of people have given this new album some flack and this song in particular but I happen to love it! Dan Managan is arguably one of the best artists I have seen live and I genuinely enjoy listening to his voice and the unique sounds he comes up with. This video is also quite clever…

The Arkells – On Paper (acoustic)
Another freaking awesome band. Although I love their “regular” stuff I also really like their acoustic versions like this gem.

Pearl Jam – The End
Often times older bands who had their peak over 10 years ago don’t release very good new material, PJ is definitely an exception for me. There are some very heart breaking songs on their Backspacer album and this one is one that I can’t stop listening to. Ahh…