Is it wildly inappropriate to compile all of my dating misfortunes into a novel? I have been working on a pseudo-memoir for quite some time, focusing specifically on my life events post university graduation, however, as I write on I begin to realize the majority of what I have to write about is my colourful dating life. I guess I wouldn’t be the first person to write about their dating life or to write about dating in general, but I almost feel like it could kill my karma for years to come. Then again it isn’t always my fault the dating experiences have been all kinds of “interesting” and I’m not looking to name names within my writings, even if the characters would be identifiable for those who were present in the real life version. Maybe I should wait until I am married until I release anything? I could single handily scare away all potential suitors by airing such dirty laundry, but hey, live life without regrets right? Ha.

I wonder if people think about the consequences of what they write before they do it? I have toiled with the idea of politics in my future and and I wonder if something like this, or even a personalized blog could be detrimental to those aspirations? It seems to be common practice that anything from someone running for office’s past can come back to haunt them during a campaign. I suppose what it may come down to is which passion is greater, and whether or not at the end of the day I mind if people know about this specific realm of my life. Who knows, maybe people will relate and appreciate it?

Regardless, below is an excerpt from chapter who knows what…

Two Drink Maximum

Although I am not a huge fan of reality television, one of my guilty pleasures is watching HGTV.  In the last year or so however the pleasure has extended to also loving a little Millionaire Matchmaker from time to time. I am quite confident that I am drawn to the show simply because I find comfort in knowing there are single people out there who have far worse dating experiences than I do.

For those of you unfamiliar with the show, a ground rule that Patti sets out before setting her clients up on dates is the two drink maximum rule. I usually wouldn’t think too much into this rule going on a first date with someone because I don’t drink a lot anyway and because first dates generally don’t last long enough to get shit show wasted. Needless to say, I found myself in a first date situation where all of those preconceived assumptions went out the window.

I had been chatting with this particular gentleman, let’s call him Misfit, for quite some time on one of the many online sites I have had unfortunate experience of using. Like the beginning of most online love affairs, it appeared as though we had a great connection, especially since it seemed as though we both had a deep love for music, and better yet, good music. If you haven’t already noted, I kind of love music, and a man who also loves music to similar extents could easily have my heart. Regardless, we seemed to get along well and there was not a shortage of conversation. I was in the process of heading home after a dinner with my mom when Misfit texted me and asked if was interested in meeting up for a drink, considering I was just heading home to do nothing and it was the weekend after all, why not? I was actually alright with the idea of having good conversation over a beer or two. I should have however realized the 10pm meet up time was probably not entirely appropriate for a first date and the fact that he transited to our decided location so he didn’t have to drink and drive were warning signs.