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There are always certain topics of debate that people with similar interests can find themselves having. From sports to music to politics, there is generally always room for opinion and debate — sometimes even too much room. As a music lover, specifically I guess under the “rock and roll” genre (which we could debate about too) there is one question I am trying to pin point an answer for. No it isn’t which version of Hurt is better, Johnny Cash’s or Nine Inch Nails’, although I still debate the question often, but rather one even more broad — what are the top 10 timeless rock tunes? When I say timeless I mean songs pretty well everyone in the room would know if it were to be played in a social setting, songs a majority of people can agree one. However, just because everyone knows the song doesn’t mean the song is good  or to be auto considered for the top 10, so we must also include a level of greatness in regards to the musical talent within the songs.

The following are my top 10 timeless rock tune picks, in random order —

1. Pink Floyd – “Wish You Were Here”
This was a toss up between “Wish You Were Here” and “Comfortably Numb” — both such gems, but which one is superior to the other? I chose “Wish You Were Here” partially because I think more people would know it, and partially for the classic “we’re just two lost souls living in a fish bowl, year after year…” lyric. This does not disregard the brilliance of “Comfortably Numb”.

2. The Beatles – “Eleanor Rigby”
This one may be a bit bias, okay they all may be, but I particularly love this Beatles song. I realize The Beatles have a multitude of music, and I am an avid lover of them, but there is just something about the melody and quickness of this song in combination with the lyrics that gets me every time. Also, who doesn’t love some violin? “Eleanor Rigby” is a 2 minute bit of perfection, in my mind.

3.The Ramones – “Blitzkrieg Bop”
I know a few people who actually tell me they don’t enjoy The Ramones, however, this song is brilliant (I already used that word to describe something already but it really is brilliant). I tend to have a thing for songs that reference historical events and/or monumental things, thus, how can I not love a song titled after a German tactic from World War II?

4. The Strokes – “Last Nite”
I flipping love this tune! Anytime this song comes on the radio or in the bar I feel happy. It may be that I associate it with good memories but I really do think this song is timeless. Anyone who is cool would know it and sing along with me! Tis one of a kind.

5. Neil  Young – “Rockin’ in the Free World”
Another artist who makes it difficult to chose a best song from — also Canadian! This was a toss up between my final selection and “Heart of Gold”. I feel like more people definitely know “Rockin’ in the Free World” and it just feels good to belt out and dance around too. What person hasn’t gone through a phase of far left peace loving empowered by “Rockin’ in the Free World” and like songs?

6. Led Zeppelin – “Black Dog”
Gotta love Led Zeppelin and their never ending songs. Strangely this song is unusually shorter than many of their other masterpieces. Another toss up between this pick and “Dazed and Confused” or “Stairway to Heaven”. I don’t know what to say about this song and why I picked it, other than saying it is awesome, and pumps any person in their right mind up! Oh, snap I sound like such a loser, but we’re all friends so let’s sound like losers together and “Ahhhh ahhh ahhh ahhh” together. “Stairway to Heaven” is such a long song, I often wonder if people ever listen to it completely through.

7. Nirvana – “In Bloom”
I am a huge fan of the early 90s grunge, so I had to include some of that goodness. Although I am slightly obsessed with Pearl Jam, I do think Nirvana is more timeless in certain aspects — don’t hate me Eddie. I am sure you may tire of my telling you about the dilemmas I had choosing, but again, Nirvana has so many gooders — “Polly”, “Rape Me”, “Come As You Are”, “Heart Shaped Box” and the list goes on. “In Bloom” however is that classic one, suitably agnsty and catchy enough that people love it. Again, I am sure many of you have been caught singing this out loud at one point or another in your life, if not — you will!

8. The White Stripes – “Seven Nation Army”
Jack white is pretty damn awesome, one of his many projects needed to make my list. I pick “Seven Nation Army” because that infectious drum beat with the guitar paired in is pretty unmistakable. The song is no doubt a classic, although newer than a lot of the aforementioned, it won’t be dying anytime soon.

9. The Rolling Stones – “Paint it Black”
Hell yes I love this one too, go figure?! This is an epic song, the fact that my boss can strum it on his guitar quietly in our office one day and suddenly have everyone around singing along says something. I bet you sing this song in your head when you seen red doors, don’t deny it!

10. Queen – “Bohemian Rhapsody”
Simply because this song is so dynamic. Additionally, it’s fun to sing or watch other people sing. Power to all the Freddies out there!!

Songs such as Journey – “Don’t Stop Believing” got automatically disqualified from selection due to the fact that I am actually tired of hearing it. I’m sure Journey doesn’t mind the popularity of their hit since Glee killed it into the brains of youth everywhere, but I do. Furthermore, it was quite difficult for me not to include Blue Oyster Cult, because I love me some cow bell, but I am not convinced everyone else does enough to argue it as timeless.


I decided that I would like to go against the grain this year and instead of writing some type of “Best of 2011” to blog I will just make a random list of shit I have seen a lot of lately that I don’t understand. Perhaps I may even find some of you who are willing to enlighten me. Forgive my tactless titling and use of the ultra classy word “shit” 3 too many times but I don’t know how else I would categorize what I want to list.

In the last little while I have been noticing some — “trends” I suppose is the best way to describe them — which I do not understand whatsoever. I’d like to think I am still young enough to be in the know but I’m not sure anymore. I have also noticed some other things that I think make little sense so I thought I would throw them into the shit pile and compile a list. I know lists seem like a cop out for a blog entry, lacking content and probably going to be quite quick to write but I feel this is necessary; the following are the latest “trends” and other random shit I just do not understand :

I realize this was a warm up activity in grade 10 gym class meant for core strengthening and also an activity that looks a lot like sleeping, but what’s with pictures of people “planking” random objects all over the place? Don’t get it, doesn’t really make me laugh.

Lovely example of a "planking" girl, care of

Short boots or open toe heels and knee high socks
“Fashion isn’t supposed to make sense”. Wise words aren’t they? Screw that none sense, I am of the opinion that if you are cold enough that you need some uber high socks to act as pseudo-pants or to warm your toes while you wear peep toed shoes in the autumn you should just wear pants or put on some shoes meant for the season and it’s cooler temperatures.

Aww Kate Moss you look cold -- maybe you should wear pants?

Yeah I said it, TWITTER! I thought Facebook status updates were bad enough but now people think their purpose on Earth is to tell everyone who will listen what they are doing every 60 seconds of every day. I don’t care if you are the Prime Minister of Canada or Justin Beiber, I don’t care what you want for dinner or how horrid your commute across the hall to the washroom was, and the rest of us shouldn’t either. I always thought Entertainment Tonight and irrelevant “news” shows like it were bad enough but humanity has gotten some kind of pathetic on us. Why the piss do you spend precious time during your never guaranteed days reading mindless bullshit about people who really don’t matter in the grand scheme of things? Maybe you should try calling up a real friend and telling them about your day if you think it was so exciting you had to tweet every moment of it to the rest of the e-world?

Some may argue my blogging is just as bad, or worse, but I know you’re just saying it to make yourselves feel better. Go tweet about how upsetting my lack of Twitter acceptance is, please. Don’t forget to make up a lie about someone famous dying after, but not Bon Jovi because we know he is alive now that the truth about that lie surfaced.

I love Twitter as much as I love being waken up by birds outside my window chirping at 5:30 in the morning, thumbs down!

Lily’s dad on How I Met Your Mother
It may not seem like a big deal but I just don’t understand why Lily’s dad has to be so creepy and downright unattractive? I get that he is meant to be a weirdo but at least give me something better to look at and/or someone I actually find funny when he stops in for an episode. Bleeh.

The picture says it all

Zooey Deschanel
I get that she  is beautiful, I understand 500 Days of Summer was a good movie and I even get that she is a pretty nice singer but what the piss!!!?? Why are people so obsessed with this girl? If I had to have a conversation with her I would probably want to kick her teeth in before she even finished her first sentence. Sarcasm is trendy I suppose, everyone thinks it’s attractive to say they have sarcastic dry sense of humour but I just get a sense of excessive self involvement from everything she says. How  many people actually think it’s polite to roll your eyes the whole time you are speaking to someone, say like half a million times and have a conversation with someone this awkwardly —

Reality TV

I remember when Survivor started, I was in sixth grade and our teacher thought  he would share with us this new “crazy” idea that they were going to try to make a TV show out of. We all marveled at the idea and now, 20+ episodes later, it isn’t such an extravagant idea. What has happened since then is disgusting — people are obsessed with watching people survive — literally. The amount of TV shows airing right now that are strictly shit about real people living their day to day outweighs significantly the amount of TV shows about anything else. I don’t have statistics, but I can tell you almost certainly it is the case. Although I think this phenomenon is pretty awful, I am not sure what is worse, the people who are willing to air all of their dirty laundry for the world to see in the name of making a quick dime or the TV stations who actually think it is appropriate to profit off of such tasteless means of making money.

I am a sucker for HGTV, I will admit, but there is a difference between watching a show about buying your first home and getting tips for when you want to buy your first home and watching Teen Mom and getting tips on how to successfully raise a baby at 15. If that doesn’t interest you though, you can totally watch a family hunt wild hogs, another family who have a small colony of children and don’t let their daughter’s cut their hair, or a woman who walks around New Jersey talking to random people about their personal affairs in public because spirits speak to her! Awesome!

Oh yay, they're celebrities now too! Let's glorify teens raising children and making money by exploiting themselves! YAYY!

I have a lot I would like to blog about but I feel discouraged to actually blog it.

I like to think I had a revelation this weekend and decided to start painting. I was probably inspired by the Kensington Market Collective and the ACAD spring show which are both showcases of local talents in a market style showcase/sales event. The painting activity I undertook was a good way to unwind for a while, and I think it may be a great complementary hobby to those I already have. I don’t know how much my roommate loved the fact that when she got home our basement was sheeted up and “transformed” into a makeshift art studio but I have hope that she will also pick up a brush. There is something invigorating about knowing you have even an ounce of artistic talent, especially to me who has always been the “book smart” type.

Besides that, how can I call myself a Renaissance woman without being an artist too?

Check out my creation!



Tres chic.

International Day for Elimination of Racial Discrimination, Narvaroze and Spring!

What a day full of wonderful things to celebrate!

Today at work today we took a moment to celebrate and it was lovely. I think it is important to reinforce acceptance and the growing need to try to eliminate discrimination.

I am sporting some nice henna in spirit of today.


I spent my weekend on random travels around the small towns and rural area outside of Calgary and thought I would just post some photos for a change — a little visual stimulation never hurt?

Elbow Falls, Kananaskis Provincial Park, AB

Bottom of Elbow Falls

Cave by the falls

Bow River, Banff National Park, AB

Bow Falls

Banff Springs in the distance

A doe munching along the Bow riverside trail

Nice day for a drive

Love the yellow green fields and bright blue skies

The map told us this was where to find Frank Lake

Down the trail we go

Where are we?

Well that's not normal sized

This is looking less and less like a lake

Duck crossing?!

If it weren't for that beautiful blue sky...

Behold, Frank "Lake", Alberta

I decided to made a little picture dedication to my top five favorite women. The list is women that most people would recognize, trust me I do love my mom, aunts, friends, etc. but coming up with a top five would be hard.

ANGELINA JOLIE - Great actress, philanthropist and natural beauty. Many have mixed feelings about her but I admire her honesty and work she has done towards a greater good.

AUDREY HEPBURN - Also a great actress, philanthropist and classic beauty. One of the original great actresses she set a great example for women to follow.

MARIE ANTOINETTE - A true personality that has survived the test of time and a woman who wasn't afraid to be herself. She was also largely responsible for the beauty that is Versailles

MICHAELLE JEAN - Despite the controversy that surrounds her she holds an extremely high post in Canada which she has worked hard to earn. As an extremely well educated woman whose life here started as a Haitian refugee she has seen herself come a long way.

EVA PERON - Woman who was extremely vital to change in Argentina and also passionate about the well being of people around the world.

Call me Betty Crocker, I have been cooking and baking up a storm lately thanks to the poverty I live in and the lack of funds I have to pay others to make my food. I baked cupcakes the other night and used that nasty icing in the container from the store and wanted to spice my new cupcakes up with something tastier so today I decided to try my own icing.

2 cups of icing sugar
8-9 TBSPs of cocoa
1/4 cup of hard margarine or butter (melted)
1 dash of salt
1/2 TSP of vanilla
1/4 cup of hot water

  • First make some cupcakes. I don’t care how you make them, obviously, but white is preferable because the icing is quite rich and you don’t want an overly sweet cupcake.

Don't judge me!

  • Once you have made your cupcakes make sure you let them cool so they are easier to ice.
  • Look at those beauts!!

  • To start the icing sift together the icing sugar and cocoa (a fork will do just well).

    Mmm chocolate

  • Once the mixture reaches a consistent lighter brown, add your salt.


    Only this much!

  • Mix the salt into the rest of the powder mixture and then add the vanilla, butter and slowly the water.

    Vanilla in chocolate icing??! Pfftt yeah!

    Don't forget to melt it!

  • Once everything is mixed together you should have a rich dark brown icing, if you would like to change the consistency just add more water.

    Deliciousness in a bowl, I promise.

    Enjoy 😉

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