I have a lot I would like to blog about but I feel discouraged to actually blog it.

I like to think I had a revelation this weekend and decided to start painting. I was probably inspired by the Kensington Market Collective and the ACAD spring show which are both showcases of local talents in a market style showcase/sales event. The painting activity I undertook was a good way to unwind for a while, and I think it may be a great complementary hobby to those I already have. I don’t know how much my roommate loved the fact that when she got home our basement was sheeted up and “transformed” into a makeshift art studio but I have hope that she will also pick up a brush. There is something invigorating about knowing you have even an ounce of artistic talent, especially to me who has always been the “book smart” type.

Besides that, how can I call myself a Renaissance woman without being an artist too?

Check out my creation!