I thought I had done everything I needed to find contentment for this stage of my life, but I still feel utterly and completely unfulfilled. Is this feeling of a deep lack of fulfillment problematic or just me being overly dramatic? Perhaps it is a little of both, or perhaps it’s just “normal”? I have never been a huge fan of uncertainty, I know that much.

Due to the internal burning desire for me to have the answer to everything I perpetually run questions through my head, over and over again.What makes us feel “unfulfilled”? When we are unfulfilled does that mean we are unhappy? Is happiness the same as contentment? Why do I ask so many questions?

All great questions if you ask me… ha ha.

Conventionally, I have done essentially everything right. Despite the fact that I had a few hiccups as a rebellious boy crazy youth, I went through the awkward stages of middle school, I felt most of what the average child feels and I went on with my day. I finished stage one of the schooling process and made the decision to carry on as is expected of anyone who wants a bright future… right? Now I question if I should have travelled more, worked more, worked harder in school, been more social or just run away?

I always dreamed of working for the federal government and being important, doing something fantastic. The problem I find now is that I have a fabulous place to live, a great roommate and a job a lot of people would love to have but it still doesn’t seem to fit. I want to feel fulfilled, and lately I ponder whether that lack of fulfillment at this stage is because I think I need to find it in someone else, because I am still single, or because I really just haven’t done anything right? Where are all my answers? What gives? Why can’t I just be?

You can travel the world but you can’t run away, from the person you are in your heart.
You can be who you want to be
, make us believe in you, keep all your light in the dark
If your searching for truth,
you must look in the mirror and make sense of what you can see.

Just be
….  just be.

They say learning to love yourself is the first step that you take when you want to be real.
And flying on planes to exotic locations won’t teach you how you really feel.
Face up to the fact that you are who you are, and nothing can change that belief.

Just be…..